Dynamic Leadership

Dynamic Leadership
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Dynamic Leadership

The FCCLA Dynamic Leadership helps young people build leadership skills. It provides information, activities, and project ideas to help young people:

  • learn about leadership
  • recognize the lifelong benefits of leadership skills
  • practice leadership skills through FCCLA involvement
  • become strong leaders for families, careers, and communities.

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Dynamic leaders are persons of good character. They tell the truth, keep promises, and have the moral courage to stand up for their beliefs, even when it is hard to do so. They respect others and themselves. They accept responsibility and do what they are supposed to do. Dynamic leaders are fair and play by the rules. They care about others and are considerate and forgiving. They cooperate and build a better community.

Take time to ponder what is truly important in life. Seek wisdom from others you respect. Then, commit to applying these priorities to your dynamic leadership in families, careers, and communities.

Dynamic Leadership Units:

Dynamic leaders master the six essentials of leadership:

  • Model good character
  • Solve problems
  • Foster positive relationships
  • Manage conflict
  • Build teams
  • Educate peers

These leadership essentials are sparked by studies in Family and Consumer Sciences education. They are ignited by experience with hands-on FCCLA projects and leadership roles and are fueled by continued growth and learning to fan a lifelong flame of Dynamic Leadership.

Early experiences with the essentials of Dynamic Leadership build the fire for a lifetime of strong leadership in families, careers, and communities.

Submit your project portfolio to FCCLA national headquarters to receive national recognition at the National Leadership Conference and on the FCCLA website.