Class Bonus Challenges

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Class Bonus Challenges
Class bonus opportunities are available for all students to complete. Some bonus will take place in-class during activities, projects, or competitions. However, others can be completed by the students on a weekly basis like those below or will be occasionally featured on the Class Schoology Page or Class Twitter. Below are some bonus challenges that can be completed by the students weekly: 

Twitter/Instagram/Remind/Snapchat Sweeps [5 Credits]:
Periodically, students subscribing to either Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Remind will receive a sweep message. The students will then receive 5 bonus credits for following at that time. 

#RattlerPride Game Day [2 Credits Each]:
Wear #RattlerPride Spirit Attire on any Sport Game Day and receive two bonus credits.
Earn two additional bonus credits by attending any #RattlerNation school-sponsored event. Save your ticket to receive your credits or take a picture with you and the scoreboard in the background.

#BonusChallenges [Credits Vary]:
Periodically, Class #BonusChallenges will take place on the Class Twitter and Schoology page. #BonusChallenges will be announced beforehand for students to participate, students will earn bonus credits, based on the number of questions they answer correctly. An example of a #BonusChallenge, would be answering questions during a Presidential Debate or Speech.

#Where'sWaldoWednesday [5 Credits]:
Every Wednesday, a random image from around the world featuring Waldo will be posted on the Class Instagram. The student with the correct response first will earn 5 bonus credits. 

College Bound [2 Credits]:
Show you are college bound by wearing college or university attire and earn two bonus credits. (Limit One Per Week, Per Student)

Bonus Credit Scale:
For completing these challenges or any other similar activities or projects in class, students will receive Bonus Credits. Below is the scale detailing the value of the bonus credits and how they can be redeemed in class:

1 Bonus Credit = 1 Minor Point or 1/2 Major Point
25 Bonus Credits = 1 HW Pass or 15 Major Points
HW Pass = Drop Your Lowest Minor Grade or Missing Minor Assignment

Presidential Bonus: Bonus Credits feature 11 different U.S. Presidents, collect on of each president and you can exchange them into a HW Pass.

Presidents Featured: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Richard M. Nixon, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Donald J. Trump

Bonus points or passes CANNOT be used on your class average or semester exams.

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