Rattler Rendezvous Makerspace

The Rattler Rendezvous Makerspace


The Rattler Rendezvous Makerspace is an innovative approach to learning, by providing our students with an educational open space for hands-on learning, critical thinking, and problem-solving. Makerspaces allow for a Silicon Valley philosophical approach to learning, establishing a project-based goal-oriented challenge or objective for students to accomplish while working collaboratively. The Rattler Rendezvous Makerspace provides these STEAM opportunities and more for students, by combining aspects and tools from the fields of technology, the arts, science, and engineering.


 Green Screen

  • Wall to Wall Green Screen
  • Desktop Computer & Printer
  • 3D Printing Pens
  • Flexible Collaborative Seating
  • Virtual Reality Viewers
  • HyperDuino Interfaces
  • Archaeological Sets
  • Laminator
  • 3D All-In-One Printer
  • Sphero Robots
  • 35mm Film Camera
  • 360 VR Camera
  • Classroom Jeopardy
  • Glo-Germ Case Study Sets
  • GPS Receivers
  • & Much More...


- Ask your teacher for permission to use any of the makerspace's technology.
- No food or drinks near the technology areas or carts.
- Report any technology issues or damages to your teacher immediately.
- Use makerspace resources and materials wisely and responsibly.
- Respect others and their property, including the makerspace, its technology, and furniture.
- Clean up after yourself and organize your area.