Mrs. Rodriguez

Room 143 Main Building

956-580-5300ext. 1289



ESOL II:  Students will read extensively while learning literary forms and terms, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate multiple genres through the use of adapted texts, pictures, and bilingual dictionaries; they are expected to plan, draft, and complete written compositions on a regular basis, as well as edit papers for clarity, and use correct conventions and mechanics of written English. An emphasis is placed on the organization with a clearly expressed thesis and evidence to support any kind of writing. 

Students will also be rated and given opportunities for improvement in the four language components:  listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Expectations and Goals

Respect self, others, and school property

Be prepared and on time to class

Follow directions the first time they are given

You are expected to practice English at all times

Your positive attitude is imperative so that you establish a healthy learning habit.  This course will meet graduation requirements and will help prepare you to be successful with the state exam, English II-EOC.


Mirrors and Windows, Grade 10- English Language Learner Adapted Interactive Reader


The following weights will be used to determine a final grade average: 

Major assignments 60% (Tests, Projects, Presentations, Research Papers and Essays)

Minor assignments 40% (Daily Classwork, Homework, Quizzes, Journal and Folder Checks)

You are required to attend tutoring after school if you fail a major test; the highest grade you will receive is a 70.



  1.  1 inch binder
  2. paper
  3. pen and pencil