Fall 2014 Technology Showcase Exhibition

Tech Showcase
The Sharyland High School Social Studies Department's
2014 Technology Showcase Exhibit
Mr. Robert Barbosa and Mrs. Babie Ann Sandoval-Longoria of the Sharyland High School Social Studies Department will be presenting at 2014 Sharyland I.S.D. Technology Showcase. Their exhibit will showcase the innovative ways technology is being used to teach history at Sharyland High School. Below are some examples, from Edmodo.com, a Class Twitter, QR Codes, Animated Videos, and History Music Videos.
Edmodo.com is used by teachers to create an online learning environment and classroom. This service offers a forum for class discussion and assignment submission. Edmodo is also used to provide students to access to class materials, hosted on Google Drive, and to administer tests online, in a similar form to the STAAR End-of-Course Exam.


Multiple-Choice Test on Edmodo.com 
Questions with Pictures, Maps, Etc. Can Also Be Administered 
Class Twitter Accounts are used by teachers to provide an online platform and medium preferred by students to facilitate online learning. Twitter is used to relay class announcments to students and parents, and to provide students access to class content, like notes and vocabulary powerpoints. Followers also get fun fact tweets about This Day In History, Historical Pictures, and Historical Articles.


A Screenshot of the U.S. History Class Twitter 
QR Codes
QR Codes are used by teachers in their classes to contribute to B.Y.O.D. oriented instruction. QR Codes are used to provide students access to class content, like notes and vocabulary, on their devices by scanning the codes with a QR Code Reader App. Additionally, QR Codes are used in innovative activities, like scavenger hunts.

QR Codes  

 An Example of QR Codes Used in the Classroom
Animated Videos
Powtoon.com is used by students in their classes to created animated videos on historical topics with analyzed researched information, photos, and related music. The videos are then used by all the students in the class for flipped classroom review in preparation for the STAAR E.O.C..
Historical Music Videos
Historical music videos are created by students in their classes to provide their fun interpretation of a historical event with related music. The students pick their topic, research it, and then create an accurate storyline and record themselves to create a video which is then paired with a related song to create a historical music videos. The videos are then presented and used by the students in the class as review and to present the information in an alternative format.
"Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed,
will revolutionize the way we learn."
-Steve Jobs