Fall 2014 Geocaching Grant

Geocaching: "Gotta Catch Them All!"
2014 Sharyland Education Foundation Grant Recipient

World Geography teachers, Mrs. Dora Lucio, Ms. Stephanie Zmuda, Mrs. Babie Ann Sandoval-Longoria, and Mr. Robert Barbosa, were recipients of a 2014 Sharyland Education Foundation Grant for their Geocaching: "Gotta Catch Them All!" Project. The teachers received $972.62 for their project and will begin its implementation starting November 2014.

Project Description:

Geocaching, a worldwide hobby, is treasure hunting for our modern age using GPS. With our grant, students will participate in a geocaching hunt. They will use a GPS receiver to find geocaches, or clue markers, hidden in absolute locations that will be located using latitude and longitude coordinates. Rather than using smartphones, GPS receivers will be used because of their increased accuracy to locate coordinates. The students will conduct their hunt across campus utilizing their skills learned in our World Geography class. Once successfully completed, they will create their own geocaching hunt and challenge other groups to successfully complete it.


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