Visitors Information

The Sharyland High School Sports Medicine Team welcomes your staff and team to Sharyland. During your stay at our athletic facilities we will assist and accommodate your needs as best as possible. This site is to help with directions to our competition sites and to tell you available services that our staff can provide. If you have any special needs or specific questions that are not answered here please feel free to email or call Jason Smith, Diana Clark or Alyssa Garza. 
Jason Smith (SHS); Gym Training Room
956-580-5300 ext: 1252
Andrew Jacques (SHS): Fieldhouse Training Room
956-580-5300 ext: 1295

Alyssa Garza (BL Gray/SHS)
956-580-5333 ext: 1757 

Sharyland High School Visiting Team Accommodations

Richard Thompson Stadium 

You will need to provide for your team for Sub-Varsity Games:

  • Water and Ice (unless other arrangements are made)
  • Stocked Medical kit.
  • Water bottles.
  • Ice bags & wrap.

Please Tape athletes before they come.

  • (For those who have taped our athletes in the past, present, or will tape in the future…Much Thanks!  Our athletes should not be asking you to tape them though.  If they do then you are welcome to tell them “no.”  You are also welcome to tape them if you are feeling charitable but they should have a med-kit so you do not have to use your supplies). 
Sidelines:  We will provide: 2 benches and a trash can. 
Locker room: We will provide 1 table and a trash can.
Water fountainin the locker room.
Water faucet @ the Locker Roomfront of the visiting fieldhouse – you will need a water key & hose
Water @ the Stadium Field:  Located next to the track at the 50 yd line/No hose or key needed).


  • Ambulance on site for all football games.
  • We will carry an AED on our sidelines and at all athletic events.
  • AED also in the football Field House and front main gym.

 Track / Stadium:

  • Water access with a  hose on both sides of the track at approximately the 50 yard line.
  • Will have access to extra ice if needed.

 All other sports:

  • Please have your teams bring their own medical kits to all games.

Indoor sports: 10 gallon of ice water with cups/bottles & injury ice on site.

Softball and baseball:  Water fountains in dug outs.  Ice in home dugout.  10 gallon water cooler available upon request.

Soccer: Bring your own 10 gallon cooler and bottles.  We will instruct our coaches to take our own as well.  (Don’t worry, while I am sure they will NEVER forget to bring water, we will take care of them if they do). Injury ice on home side.


If you are not sure what we provide or have a special circumstance then feel free to call us!

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