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    Spanish 1S



    Teacher Name:   Maribel Squibb                              Block: 2nd. 3rd, 5th..




    Available TutoringWednesday 4:00 – 5:00 pm


    Conference time:  8:05-9:37


    Course Outline/Timeline:

    Spanish IS is an introduction to Spanish language and culture. The fundamentals of Spanish pronunciation, grammar, and culture are presented through a balanced development of all four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


    This course is designed for students with the knowledge of the Spanish language or culture. Students are expected to meet the requirements prescribed by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Languages Other Than English by developing the four basic language competencies (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) and engaging in the five Cs: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities.


    This course also supports the Standards for Foreign Language Learning by providing clearly defined objectives, a variety of pair- and group-work activities so that students can use French in a wide range of settings and contexts, and offering culture-related activities and questions that develop students’ insight and encourage them to develop observational and analytical skills.




    Week 1

    -          Introduction to course, class rules, procedures, and expectations

    El mundo hispanohablante.

      - Greetings

    - Tu y yo

    - The verb to be- ser o estar.

    Week 2


    -  Ethnic groups of Spain and Latin America.   

    - Sociological and anthropological terms in Spanish.

    - Grammar:  How to use adjectives with plural nouns.

    - Division de sílabas.  Diphthongs and trip thongs

    - Present tense of regular verbs ending in ar, er, ir.

    Week 3

    Asi me nacio la conciencia.  Rigoberta Menchú.

    -          Grammar:  The definite articles in plural.

    -          Division de silabas.  Diphthongs and trip thongs.

    -          Irregular verbs in the present tense.

    Week 4

    Cuentos – Short stories

    -          El cuento y la novela

    -          Writing a short story

    -          Reading: Una moneda de oro.

    Week 5

    Fiestas Hispanas o Latinas.

    -          Días laborales y días feriados.

    -          Grammar: accentuation, syllables.

    -          Regular verbs in the present tense.

    Week 6

      Gabriela Mistral – Poesía.

    -          Grammar: using the prepositions a and en.

    -          Irregular verbs.

    Week 7

    En casa o en el café.

    - Los suburbios, los barrios pobres.

    - Las costumbres.

    - Grammar: The regular verbs in er and ir.

    - Reading:  Olor a cacao.

    Week 8

    Review for semester exam.

    Semester exam.

    Week 9

    El Hogar y la Familia.

    -          Cambios sociales.

    -          Gramatica:  el verbo tener.

    Week 10

    El Cid.

    La casa de los espiritus de Isabel Allende.

    El amor en los tiempos de colera de Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

    Week 11

    Los deportes en el mundo hispano.

    -          Using the consonants c, z, s.

    -          The infinitive.

    Week 12


    -          Tenochtitlan.

    -          La Conquista.

    -          Ciudad de Mexico

    -          Museo de Antropología.

    Week 13

    Learn the different uses of ser y estar

    Amado Nervo- Mexican poet.

    -          Read: Si eres Bueno….

    -          Write a personal writing.

    -          Grammar: Using the accent.  Acento o tilde.

    Week 14

    Verano o Invierno

    -          Differences between climate and weather.

    -          Grammar:  The preterite of verbs ending in a-ar, -er, and ser.

    Week 15

    Learn to write a persuasive essay.

    -          Reading:  Nosotros y las lenguas.

    -          Learn the importance of speaking a second language.

    Week 16

    Review for final exam.

    Final exam.


    Grading policy:

    60% Major Assignments: Tests, Reports, Projects

    40% Minor Assignments: Classwork, Homework, Quizzes, Binders

    **see district grading policy for specifications**


    Course Expectations:

    • Participation is expected in class.   This includes completing the assigned work.
    • There will be a minimum of two grades each week: one participation grade and one journal and grammar grade.
    • There will be a minimum of one project during the semester
    • There will be a chapter test at the end of each chapter. 
    • The semester exam will be on the last week of the semester
    • Please refer to the ISD policy for information on absences and submitting late work.


    Various projects will be completed throughout the school year. They may include but are not limited to researching a francophone country, region and/or city, building a family tree, researching a Parisian monument, etc.


    Students will also write and perform various skits based on topic studied (i.e., introducing themselves, shopping, ordering food and drinks.)


    Textbooks/Materials/Suggested Readings: El español para nosotros, level 1.

    This book is available from the school and is picked up during the first week of school.Additional texts may be used in class at the teacher’s discretion and based on the topic studied.



    Classroom Expectations:


    Policies regarding grading guidelines, late work, and absences can be found on the Sharyland High School website:


    Guidelines for grading, late work, and absences


    All students are expected to follow SHS rules. They are also expected to bring a positive attitude to class, be willing to learn, and participate. Foreign languages open up the world, but only to those willing to discover it. Therefore, enthusiasm is key to success.

    Statement for Academic Dishonesty:

    Academic integrity is fundamental to the activities and principles of our school. No student shall cheat or copy the work of another. Plagiarism, the use of another person’s original ideas or writings as one’s own without giving credit to the true author, will be considered cheating, and the student will be subject to academic discipline that may include loss of credit for the work in question.   

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