Student Awards

Gavin George
Gavin George- Winner of the Bob Bennet's Best in Show Award

Gavin created a film titled In December. He was informed prior to Spring Break that his film had won 1st place in the video recording division for 9-12th grade students. “I was really surprised and happy. It is an honor to represent our school and district in a state competition,” Gavin stated when asked how he felt about the honor that his film received.

Where did you find your creative inspiration to write, direct, and edit the film? “I had been listening to music and just heard the song Space Oddity by David Bowie.” Gavin said. When he was questioned about the challenges he faced during the creation of the film, Gavin stated, “There were some special editing skills that I had to learn to make the transitions pop and finding a female actress with time to dedicate to the film was a challenge.” The students in the film Justin Kongolo and Abby Alquiza are also Sharyland High School 2020 graduates. Gavin spent about a week and a half or two filming during summer football practice.

Gavin learned that In December had won the prestigious Bob Bennett Award for Best in Show during school closure. His Mom received a message from Nicole Cruz. “When my mom told me, I thought she was confused. I thought she was telling me that I had won 1st place in video recording which I knew. When she explained that I had won overall Best of Show…I was shocked.” Gavin said. Gavin made school history. This is the first time a Sharyland High School student has won Best of Show. He was further surprised with a visit from Nicole Cruz and David Trammell, yard sign, and balloons about a week before his graduation on June 13th.

Gavin has had a wide array of interests during his school years. He earned a multi-disciplinary distinction. His success proves that not all students know in middle school what they want to pursue in terms of a career. This opportunity provided an outlet to build confidence. Gavin is working on another media competition, The Film Zone Shorts Fest. More than $8000 are available for prize money with this competition. With Gavin’s dedication, passion, and cinematography skills he’s sure to do well in all future competitions and college studies