Principles of Education & Training

Principles of Education and Training

Mrs. Vargas
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Tutoring Tuesday & Thursday
4:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. and by appointment.

Principles of Education and Training 

Students will be introduced to the various careers available within the Education and Training Career Cluster. Students will use self-knowledge as well as educational and career information, to analyze various careers within the Education and Training Career Cluster. 


Careers- One from a Program of Study you choose.             Your project must include: job description, typical work day activities, educational requirements, market outlook, interview, pay scale and desired personal qualities for career.  Must be typed and include an oral Powerpoint presentation. Each will count as a major grade. Your Principles of Education and Training spiral (one or two subjects) must include the following:

  1. Decorated cover including your name, course title, block/period and your favorite educational quote.

  2. Syllabus: Principles of Education and Training

  3. Assigned classwork attached to pages in spiral and in order by dates.

  4. Assignments may be attached with glue stick.

  5. Will count as a major grade.

Course Materials

Textbook: Teaching   Goodheart-Willcox 

Spiral Notebook with pockets

Glue Stick, pen, pencil, highlighter, correction tape 

Classroom Expectations  

* Be on time to class, remain seated, and begin preparing your materials for the day’s lesson.

* Bring your materials to class everyday (notebook/pen/pencil).

* If absent, it is your responsibility to ask for your make-up work from the teacher or a group partner.

* Always be respectful to your peers, teachers, classroom guests and/or substitutes.  Obscene language and bad manners will not be tolerated.

* You are not allowed to leave the classroom, unless you have permission from the teacher or substitute.

* All the rules in the student handbook apply to this class (including B.Y.O.D. policies).

* Please do your best to make sure that all of your actions in the classroom are appropriate and considerate of others. 

*If you are not clear about an activity, assignment or teaching point, please ask right away.

*The classroom needs to be neat and clean at the end of each period.  Please help put books away neatly and help pick up trash, even if it isn't yours.  Have pride in your school!


Parents and students can check course grades online, at  Grades will be based on a variety of assignments.   Please check your grades often, it keeps you aware of your class progress. 

Major assignments-60%  

 Minor assignments-40%

*Use the following heading on your paper for ALL ASSIGNMENTS:


                                                    Top Right Hand Corner- First & Last Name



                                                     First Line- Title of assignment and page numbers