Homework Helpers

  •     Fact Monster

    What do you want to know? This is THE place to go! (ages 9 and older)

  • Homework Spot

    Parents need to know thatthere's nothing but valuable information (OK, sometimes not really"valuable" as much as very cool: Do you know why curveballs curve?) forstudents of all ages on this well-organized education website. (ages 9and older)

  • Spelling Games & Review

    You've got to love when theyask, "Please can I practice my spelling words for an extra 10 minutestonight if I am really, really good?" My kids have actually said this tome...and more than once! This site is a terrific way to learn newspelling lists each week or to review already learned spelling conceptsand patterns. Parents (or kids) can sign up for a FREE account and addthe weekly lists from Spelling class, then the computer lets you choosewhat games you want to play and uses your list in the games. It is easy,fun and free. This website won a bunch of awards as one of the topeducational websites last year. This is truly one of my personalfavorite online resources.

  • Ready to Learn Reading

    Free, fun games and activities help develop reading skills. (ages 4 and older)

  • Cool Science

    Bite sized learning activities lets kids sample the sciences. (ages 5 and older)