Resources for Parents (Auditory Impaired Issues)

  •     Say It In Sign

    FREE sign language classes

  • An IEP? What's that??

    The language of special needs kids in the schools can get very confusing very quickly. This article will help break it down.

  • Help Kids Hear

    HelpKids Hear was founded by parents of hard of hearing kids and isdedicated to helping other parents find the information and resourcesthey need in dealing with a deaf / hard of hearing (DHH) child.

  • Deaf Education, A Parent's Guide

    This site is created andmaintained by a hearing adult who was born to Deaf parents. He is now acertified teacher for the auditory impaired in California. His uniqueperspective on Deaf culture, educational issues and the psychologicalimplications of the many choices associated with raising kids withauditory impairments is invaluable. This a great place to learn aboutterms you may be hearing about fo rthe first time (What is an Audiogram? IFSP? IEP? Least Restrictive Environment? ... this website is a place to help you become familiar with some of these terms and understand how they are being used)

  • Listen Up!

    Everything -- EVERYTHING-- you may be wondering about your child's hearing loss can probably befound somewhere on this site! There are book lists to healp kidsunderstand hearing aids or sign language, there are links for speechdevelopment issues and just about anything else that might be lurking inthe back of your mind. This is a great resource for all AI parents tobookmark as well as a great supplement for speech therapists and regulared teachers, too!