Resources for Parents (Dyslexia and Literacy Issues)

  •     Charles Schwab Talks About His Success

    When Charles Schwab talks,people listen. Here, elementary students who have dyslexia ask Mr.Schwab about his experiences growing up many years ago as a dyslexiclearner and how he was able to become so successful despite his learningobstacles.

  • Sight Words With Samson

    Sight Word Practice Made Fun!

  • Will My Child Ever Be Successful?

    Many parents of dyslexic kidsworry about what the future may hold for their kids. If that describesyou, this article just might make you feel better.

  • Reading Lists By Age

    This is a great place to startyour search for a new book or collection of books for your child toread. Teacher developed, it breaks reading materials by grade level,making it very easy to search for age and grade level appropriate books.Disclaimer: it sells books on its site, but you don't have to buy them.You can look them up here and check them out with Mrs. Bewley in theShimotsu library!

  • Questions & Answers With Dr. Sally Shaywitz, a Leading Researcher in Dyslexia

    This article details a Q&Awith Dr. Sally Shaywitz, who is among the top researchers in dyslexiaand was a pioneer in showing the relationship between the brain anddyslexia. It's very easy to follow and understand.

  • What We Know About Dyslexia

    This is a fabulous place to learn about the science-based research on dyslexia and what is being learned about this brain-based condition.

  • Indications of Dyslexia

    Not sure if what you see in your child might be dyslexia? This website will help explain some of the characteristics.

  • International Dyslexia Association

    This is the final word and allthings related to dyslexia -- the latest research, your rights as astudent/parent, recent educational trends and product reviews andrecommendations to help. Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that doesnot have to mean failing grades and stressful school days. This websitewill help you develop an understanding and awareness that will help youhelp your child.