Websites for Kids!

  •     Stories Read Out Loud!

    Does your child just LOVEto hear stories read outloud? Then this is the place for them go. Theycan choose from a huge collection of stories and then listen and followalong as celebrities and famous authors read to them. You can oftentimesfind stories from the classroom Reading textbooks here, too, which isterrific reinforcement for the weekly reading lessons in class.

  • Brain Pop!

    FUN! FUN! FUN! So much fun andso many different things to do, the kids don't even realize they arelearning! Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, you name it...

  • PBSKids

    All of the classics, likeSesame Street, combined with newer programs are here with fun games andactivities for the kids to enjoy in a safe learning environment.

  • So Much Fun, They Forget They Are Learning!

    A website designed specificallyfor the youngest students. This is a great place for kids preparing forschool or those who want some extra practice with the skills they learnin class.

  • Free Rice

    An amazing place where kidscan learn and reinforce basic educational skills while also learningabout helping other people in other places. Free Rice has two maingoals: Provide free education and helping to end world hunger byproviding rice to hungry people for free. This is learning and playing everyone can feel great about! Students learn to do good by doing well.
  • Fun Brain...the name says it all

    Diary of a Wimpy Kid, journal writing, grammar, reading, math and arcade games. This site has everything.