Meet in the Middle Club

Meet in the Middle (MiM) is designed for students of all ages, both typically-developing as well as those with intellectual disabilities, to partner and participate in activities which focus on interactive, inclusive, and FUN opportunities that will increase acceptance and awareness of each student’s unique strengths and talents while supporting fitness, disability awareness, academic achievement, and sports-related training.  The program is designed to benefit all involved.


Meet in the Middle will run through September through May.  Club activities promote diversity and character education.  The club has a student leadership team which will develop service learning projects and offer students the opportunity to participate in group or paired activities.


As part of the discovery process, general information about different diagnoses and disabilities may be discussed to promote understanding and awareness. Confidentiality will be respected at all times. 
Permission slips are available in room 432.  By signing you also grant permission for your child’s image (photo or video) to appear on the Meet in the Middle website or in other Special Olympics Texas promotional materials.


I am the Meet in the Middle facilitator.  If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear from you.  I can be reached via phone or email. The phone number is:  580-5300 ext. 1156.